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Calder Stewart Industries

Bulk Storage


we can custom design & build around your bulk storage needs

Calder Stewart has years of design and build experience in fulfilling customer bulk storage requirements which can vary widely, depending on the application, scale and purpose. Whenever high clearance or wide clearspan structures are required, we are a builder of choice, since we have years of experience in fulfilling such orders, one’s where a typical cookie cutter approach design and construction will not suffice.

By maintaining our own precast concrete and structural steel divisions, we are specialists in constructing larger and more robust structures - in cases where they are required. These structures can be customised to any scale, volume or load and can include the integration of environmental controls and infrastructure. And in all cases, our bulk storage units can be supplied in kitset form.

features and options

High Clearance and Wide Clearspan Options

High Volume Concrete Panel Bin Options

All Bulk Storage Types Fully Customisable

Integration of Environmental Control Options

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