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Calder Stewart Industries

Deer Sheds


our years of experience informs our approach to deer shed design

Calder Stewart’s years of experience informs its approach to Deer Shed design. This is in large part due to working directly with customers in arriving at a solution that fits their needs. Attention to detail and offering a wide range of options is part of the equation that goes into every Deer Shed we build.

We’ve perfected the design of gates - which can come in a variety of materials and configurations, including RHS frame with ply. Practical spring loaded catches to gates are standard along with fences that are lined with sturdy ply.

Calder Stewart Deer Sheds are available with low roof or high roof types, designed to suit the use of catwalks on top of fences, as the case may be. We also offer a number of shed accessories including adjustable height loading ramps.

features and options

Standard plans available. Low roof or high roof type to suit catwalks on top of fences

Adjustable height loading ramps

Fences lined with ply

RHS frame with ply.

Spring loaded catches to gates are standard



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