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Calder Stewart Industries

Haybarns & Tunnel Barns


providing easy access and protection for your bales and other supply

Calder Stewart has been providing fit-to-purpose Haybarns and Tunnel Barns for farmers for more than two generations, which offer shelter from the elements along with providing easy access to supply in loading and unloading operations.

Typically, our Haybarns utilise UB columns and parallel chord lattice trusses and are designed and built to provide strength and durability in the most challenging conditions and environments. They come in a number of different sizes & configurations - with gable, lean-to and roof only options available.

Our Tunnel Barns also come in a number of configurations and are available with optional ends and doors to suit. This has made them considerably versatile amongst farmers with unique requirements. And as always at Calder Stewart, Custom Design is standard.

features and options


Gable and Lean-to Roof Options

Standard and Oversized Options

Spouting fitted with snow brackets and downpipes


Tunnel Barns

Available with or without ends

Standard Size - 9m wide at base - 5.3 m high at apex

Sliding Door Enclosure Options

Supplied erected or ready to erect in kitset form

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