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Calder Stewart Industries

Super Bins


designed for ease of use in loading and unloading of supply

Calder Stewart Super Bins are designed for ease of use when loading and unloading critical supply. Our designs are various and offered in a wide range of capacities.

Typically Super Bin roofs are rolled back by undoing two locking bolts at the front, and then winding a winch at the back to effect movement. The roof itself rolls on machined wheels which have grease nipple centres to allow for easy future-proof maintenance, which is often needed to counteract the corrosive action of certain types of supply. Roofs are held fast through a secure RSJ rail fastening system that ensures that in any position it is in, it cannot be dislodged by wind.

Calder Stewart has designed and built a large number of Super Bins found throughout the South Island. Our Super Bins can be built by our experienced team or supplied to you in kitset form.

features and options

Offered in a wide range of tonnage capacities

Can be supplied in kitset form

Designed and built to withstand extreme weather conditions

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