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Calder Stewart Industries

Workshops & Implement Sheds


fully customisable and scalable

If you’ve got a 3 tonne utility vehicle or a 360 tonne dump truck that requires servicing, Calder Stewart can deliver a suitable building designed and built to meet your needs.

We have extensive experience in Workshop construction, ranging from small facilities - for maintaining modestly sized fleets, to large commercial Workshops - designed to service heavy plant and equipment. Building options are numerous and can include servicing pits complete with jacking facilities, hoist bays, gantry cranes and vehicle testing infrastructure.

And as is with the other types of rural buildings we produce, your Workshop or Implement Shed is not limited to a given size; it’s fully customisable.

features and options

Servicing Pit Options

Enclosed or Open Bay Options

Reinforced Concrete Floor Options

Premium Cladding and Finish Options

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