Calder Stewart Industries

"Rather than working with separate entities, the owner enjoys a integrated design team working together on his or her behalf."

Kevin Arthur
Development Manager
Calder Stewart Development

Calder Stewart Development has significant experience in understanding the needs of a client, providing economic and practical building solutions in order to deliver buildings that meet these needs. We consider that the design and build process begins with carefully listening to the client’s specific needs, and ends with a building that perfectly meets them. As a company with strong committments to value-added services, we offer free non-obligatory consultation and design explorations during the initial phases of a given design and build project.


The Design and Build Process

The Design and Build Process is relatively straightforward. It is designed to place the client's needs and requirements first and is non obligatory in its early phases. This is particularly attractive to the client that wishes to explore building options without having to sign any contractual agreements. Calder Stewart Development is committed to work in good faith to not only meet, but to ordinarily exceed client requirements in a development design and build situation.


1. Initial Brief

Calder Stewart Development receives an initial brief from either the Client or through a Real Estate Agent. This step may ordinarily involve initial concepts, overall project requirements and other related logistics.


2. Site & Construction Options Presented

Indicative cost options are prepared based on suitable sites and building construction preference in accordance with the brief and are then forwarded to the client. This is primarily aimed at responding to the key issues raised by the initial brief.


3. Design Explorations and Costs

Subject to client interest, sketch plans and a preliminary specification are prepared and further detailed design and costing is undertaken with the Client. Calder Stewart can provide more specific designs, often in the form of floor plans, visualisations.


4. Enabling Agreements

Once the plans and costs are approved, agreements are entered into enabling the design and construction process to get underway.


5. Working Drawings Produced

Full construction drawings are prepared for local Council consent and Client approval. Our development team handles permitting and meeting local regulatory criteria


6. Building Consent and Construction Begins

On receipt of Building Consent construction is commenced with the Calder Stewart Development team managing the project throughout the process to ensure that the building meets the Client requirements.


7. Building Completion and Occupancy

On completion of the Building the project is handed over to the Client for occupation. Depending on the nature of the project, the client’s occupancy will be based on buy or lease options.

Design and Build Advantages

Our development team is thoroughly acquainted with the development process and brings this expertise into the equation. We combine a quality build with a quality location, within a package that favors the client's business position.

  • Over 50 years of experience in Commercial and Industrial Design and Build Construction throughout the South Island.
  • The Development Team helps the Client through the process to ensure they obtain a building that meets their needs and expectations.
  • The utilisation of Calder Stewart Steel, Calder Stewart Roofing, Calder Stewart Construction and Calder Stewart Precast enable quality control to be maintained throughout the Construction process.
  • A comprehensive range of Locations to choose from in most urban areas. Section sizes range from 1500sqm up to several hectares.
  • The ability to lock into a building for a fixed price.