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Hazeldean Business Park

We're proud of this upscale development located near Christchurch's central business district.

"You can certainly appreciate how the plaza will become a focal point for occupants of the business park; a great place to relax, enjoy a coffee and soak up the sun."

Mark Weaver
Project Manager

Situated close to Christchurch's central business district, the $80M - eight building Hazeldean project represents an upscale approach to commercial office space development, offering amenities in keeping with a Grade A business park. These include a five story car park, room for several food outlets, both a bar and a gymnasium, all situated around an iconic central plaza designed by one of New Zealand's leading environmental planning and design consultancies. Building E of the complex was additionally designed around Greenstar energy ratings, reflecting our shared commitment to environmentally responsible design.

Demonstrating our enterprise capabilities.

The Hazeldean Business Park represents a flagship project for Calder Stewart Development of which we are most proud, bringing together the full resources of Calder Stewart’s divisions and their capabilities. Our Precast Concrete, Steel, ReoXpress and Construction divisions all played an important role in bringing phase one of this three phase development to completion. Hazeldean also demonstrates our project management capabilities, where scheduling and coordinating with a number of key suppliers and subcontractors were unhampered by challenging weather conditions. Within the scope of this project, Calder Stewart Precast was called upon to provide high volume output, supplying precast for all four buildings of phase one. This included special panels for the 5 story 500+ vehicle car park that exhibit our artful and sophisticated finishing capabilities. Seen as a whole, this development demonstrates our ability to scale operations to an enterprise level, while still maintining the high quality standards that we are known for.


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