Calder Stewart Industries

Our Signature Approach: Steel and Precast Concrete Business Premises

We develop value-added properties

that are expertly built around our customer's commercial and industrial requirements.

"Our extensive experience in Commercial and Industrial Design and Build Development is demonstrated by the number and variety of successful projects we have completed."

Kevin Arthur
Development Manager
Calder Stewart Development

Calder Stewart Development has over the years completed a large number of development projects across the South Island that demonstrates our ability to match the build to specific project requirements. Ordinarily, we take a client driven approach, where budget considerations and other special needs are central to the projects definition at an early stage.  Whether the scope falls within the industrial, commercial or sometimes community sector building markets, our approach has been to customise the project in as flexible a fashion as is possible. This includes a strong emphasis on meeting practical requirements in a distinctive way, building according to the high standards which we are known for and offering financial terms and agreements that are flexible and favour the client’s unique business position. Over the course of time, we have earned a distinct reputation, particularly in the niche market of developing business premises for clients needing both state-of-the-art office space and associated warehousing, manufacturing or showroom facilities.