Calder Stewart Industries

Preventing injuries in the workplace is more than a general target we aim at. Rather it is mindset that we like to foster. We encourage all our personnel to proactively be aware of safety-related issues in their day-to-day work practices.

Allan McDonald
Health & Safety Manager
Calder Stewart prides itself on
having achieved the highest level of
attainable accreditation within New
Zealand’s ACC Workplace Safety
Management programme.

Receiving tertiary status from ACC was a result of successfully passing an independently appointed ACC audit in June 2006. Since that time, our processes have continued to be enhanced and improved, having passed subsequent ACC audits at the tertiary level. This exemplifies our ongoing commitment of protecting the health and safety of our workforce. At Calder Stewart, we maintain a full time Health and Safety Manager, who oversees the entire spectrum of health and safety related issues distributed across the company.