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Calder Stewart Industries

Staff Profiles

Great companies are made of great people. At Calder Stewart, employees are given the opportunity to develop their skills, advance their careers and realise their full potential. Here is a small sampling of the people that make up the company today, many of whom have been with us for a number of years - having come up through the ranks. Each has a unique story to tell.

As Senior Quantity Surveyor, Richard combines his excellent practical skills with years of ‘on the job’ experience with Calder Stewart. Familiar with both ‘design & build’ and ‘tendered’ approaches to construction, his team fulfils an important role in making sure that Calder Stewart delivers on its promises - delivering efficient yet quality-driven construction projects for its clients.

Richard began his career with Calder Stewart in 2002 as a junior Quantity Surveyor. He recently returned to the company after nine months in Australia, where he worked as a cost planner for a large construction firm.

With the aim of providing a better service to the sales and design teams, Richard’s striving to strengthen best practice by improving pricing and contract administration systems and process.

Dave Shank’s job could be likened to a massive board game – he’s forever shifting pieces from one place to another. Responsible for Calder Stewart’s mobile plant, it’s big role given the company has a considerable investment in mobile equipment spanning the length of both islands and across a multitude of construction sites.

As Plant Manager, going on 10 years, Dave not only knows where every piece of equipment is at any one time, but most importantly for the team on the ground, what to do if something goes wrong. Servicing, planning and logistics all go into the mix.

“It’s all about self-reliance – something of a philosophy here at Calder Stewart – I am always looking to new ways to plan around the company’s decision to have the right tools and gear for the job.”