Calder Stewart Industries

we design based on construction knowledge
In an era where the term is often misunderstood, we consider effective design should be based on sound construction knowledge. Because we know the materials of construction, we can design more effectively and efficiently using them. This means our customers are assured an optimised build, taking into account their unique building requirements. For the discerning decision maker having industrial or commercial construction plans in mind, our design and build options are an attractive alternative to ones working with separate parties. We design around our customers’ requirements, singularly and distinctively.


DCC Properties: Oakley's Plumbing - Dunedin
A Calder Stewart Design and Build Project

our signature approach
By placing a premium on efficiency and quality, while meeting customer requirements within the design process, we've managed to distinguish ourselves among builders offering such services. Our approach takes advantage of our in-house building products and construction resources; ones that are well known by our talented team of design professionals. Having such resources available and at hand, allows us to design uniquely and to demonstrate higher quality results, both at the proposal stage and as completed buildings.