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ILT Velodrome.

The 8,500m² ILT Velodrome in Invercargill is one of our benchmark projects, raising our profile in the South Island and winning us the Registered Master Builders (RMB) National Gold Medal in 2007.







The ILT Velodrome is one of our benchmark projects, raising our profile as a quality construction company in the South Island. Utilising design techniques first viewed in Melbourne, and from plans worked on by German designers Schuermann Architects, the completion of the project would realise a long-held ambition for client Cycling Southland.

Before the Velodrome's construction, Cycling Southland used the outdoor cycling track Kew Bowl for its events. First constructed in 1949, the track had since become unsuitable for serious competitive events, and a new indoor facility was needed. We submitted a low initial estimate through prior contacts with Cycling Southland, beating the competition to secure the Design Build for the project. 

Much investigation went into providing an accurate estimate, involving visits to Melbourne to see how velodromes were arranged and meetings with consultants on pre-engineering and construction techniques. A visit to Europe was also organised to gain further inspiration from the Munich construction show and from another velodrome discovered along the way in Wales. For the construction of the 250-metre track, German designers Schuermann Architects were brought in to work closely alongside Calder Stewart.

Began in 2005, construction took precisely a year to complete. Work first needed to be undertaken to secure the poor quality of the ground on-site before the specialist track builders arrived. One hundred fifty tonnes of timber track and 55km of surface timber were installed, along with our integrated precast sections and structural steel, which provided the Velodrome with its supports. Additional room was given for amenities, accommodating an on-site physiotherapist alongside others. The build was completed by a wide-span roof that utilises CalderStewart's Mega-Five roofing profile, a perfect match for a facility of this size.

By careful research upfront, we delivered on a project within time and budget, built according to internationally set standards for cycling velodromes. The project was awarded the Registered Master Builders (RMB) National Gold Medal in 2007 and demonstrated our ability to take on new challenges.


By integrating our capabilities, we delivered a completed project on time, within budget and built according to international standards for cycling velodromes.



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