Lease your property

Our focus is to help our clients consider what’s best for their business. If the most efficient solution is to take a lease on new premises, then we offer a tailored, end-to-end property solution to assist your business to unlock its full potential. Our leasing solutions benefit from having full access to our national land portfolio, ensuring your business is strategically positioned for future growth. Once the project is completed, our property management team provides full assistance for property services, to ensure you focus on what matters to your business.

Property leasing case studies

Sypertyre site up and running
Side angle shot of Penske show room
Fletcher Easysteel
Office Max as seen from carpark, at night

Own your property

We understand the importance of balancing property ownership, maintenance, and operations. Which is why we provide a total property ownership solution, tailored to your business. By combining our knowledge of the property investment market, and our understanding of build requirements, we provide solutions to evaluate and de-risk your development before occupation. Our process begins with finding a suitable site, and leads through the full design, consent and building programme measures, before ending in final handover. We can fund the project with the customer paying only on completion of the turnkey solution.

Property ownership case studies

High shot of Glasson's carpark and building
Side shot of Dunningham's office
Bascik Transport

Invest in property

Our property team delivers a unique suite of client investment strategies. If you are looking to invest or reinvest in property, we offer a range of flexible solutions to meet those needs. 

Whether you want to become an owner-occupier, secure an untenanted investment property for one of your existing tenants or invest in a passive wholesale property fund, we have a tailored solution for you. We have a strategic relationship with FortHill Property (FHP), one of New Zealand's leading industrial investment funds. Contact one of our team to learn more about how we can help with your investment requirements.

Property investment case studies

Back-shot of Winstone Wallboards
Winstone Wallboards
Waste Management
Fletcher Easysteel
Tasman / Laminex

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