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SPCA Invercargill.

This 950m² animal shelter utilises our innovative Solar-Rib® roofing product and includes an energy grid, making it a self-sustaining structural build.







Every so often, a project comes along that goes beyond the design of the building and reaches into the hearts of the local community. The new SPCA Animal Ark in Invercargill was such a project, gifting a new animal shelter to the community.

The original conception and quote for the build began in 2009, with final building consent granted in 2013. Meanwhile, four years of dedicated fund-raising, private donations, community events and grants from Invercargill trusts went towards the construction. The resulting 950m2 animal shelter benefited from a commitment to fixed costs, with Calder Stewart leading the way by freezing prices at the original quote, with most subcontractors following in tow.

A key feature of the project was the use of Solar-Rib®, our innovative roofing product. The 18kw installation represented the largest in the South Island, promising to reduce Southland SPCA’s operating costs whilst providing energy back to the grid. As a result, the building relies on its electricity output, including energy-efficient heat pumps.

Significant attention to detail was given to provide care for the animals. A two-part epoxy paint was used to minimise scratches while all floor coverings were specified to be nontoxic. Galvanised steel cages and lining in the animal operating room were also chosen to make sterilisation easier.

Overall, this project gave us a chance to give back to the Invercargill community, with a shelter that’s now home to many animals in need.


“I’ve never known contractors to freeze their prices like this before, and it shows the connection many had to this community-led project.”


- Daniel Labes, Project Manager, Calder Stewart



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