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Oji Fibre Solutions.

One of the most significant and complex industrial builds we have completed to date, Oji Fibre Solutions provided our team many challenges during the height of the pandemic.







Project Sakura was named to represent the Japanese meaning of renewal and optimism – themes that helped drive the success of this large-scale project for Oji Fibre Solutions. Each year, Oji Fibre Solutions manufactures between 120,000 to 140,000 tonnes of cardboard boxes and paper bags for the New Zealand market. Increased demand for their sustainable packaging solutions required a new purpose-built manufacturing facility with scale and complexity to test the very best Design Build thinking. 

Our property and construction teams collaborated to lead this project which was unique due to the timing and delivery of key manufacturing technology – almost exclusively from international suppliers. Planning the design and construction phases to have the building ready to commission key equipment was just one of the challenges both Calder Stewart and the Oji Fibre Solutions team collaborated closely on.

Coupled with the scale of the 32,000m2 project, were the timeframes from initial drawings, through to practical completion in under 12 months. When you add in COVID-19 related disruptions and the nature of international supply chain delays, the need to prioritise client communications was the key factor to success. There was quite an exercise to understand the flow of technology and when and what services needed to be available to commission each machine. Being able to adapt in an agile way was a key ingredient for this project.  

Oji Fibre Solution’s Chief Operating Office Grant Fitzgibbon noted, “What we now have is a facility that we can all be very proud of. If we build another facility anywhere in New Zealand, Calder Stewart will be the first people we talk to.” High praise from a project built on client collaboration and mutual success.



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