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Bluebird Foods (part of PepsiCo) has been manufacturing snack foods in New Zealand for over 70 years and are a family favourite. In their quest to reduce transport costs, lower their carbon footprint and streamline their production, storage and distribution processes, Bluebird may have helped set up the direction of New Zealand’s industrial property market.







In what could mark the next generation of industrial warehousing in the New Zealand market, the Bluebird building stands out with a 38-metre apex. Due to the lack of land in industrial areas and the rising cost of land, the option of delivering a vertical construction solution makes sense. The result for a relatively standard building area of 3,438m², is an internal volume of approximately 120,330m³.

The challenge for Bluebird was finding a way to consolidate several of their warehousing operations into one more streamlined facility. They needed to make it all work on a single, existing site. The solution in conjunction with our team was to go up, rather than out. In the lead up to the delivery of the facility, there were plenty of steep challenges to solve. They included building a new warehouse on an operational site, within the flight path of Auckland Airport. The building height also required new thinking regarding building and fire codes.

The project was a first for the Calder Stewart team and has already led to further interest from other parties. We were also pleased to work closely with Dematic, a global leader in the design, building and support of intelligent automated solutions. Delivered with fully operational robotics and automated processes, once again it shows the level of efficiencies being built into the new generation of industrial buildings.



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