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Clutha Community Centre.

We were proud to deliver this substantial project for the Clutha District and the wider community. Our full set of design, manufacturing and construction capabilities were required to deliver this multipurpose business and visitor centre.







This building is multipurpose in the true sense, with adaptability built into the design. The technical requirements to make all these areas to work harmoniously together was a prime focus for the delivery team. This space has been created with multipurpose in mind from a cultural, community, theatrical, and business standpoint, and to meet the requirements of existing user groups. 

With a 478 person retractable seating system, flat floor resilient stage, modern theatre technology and end to end lighting system this space not only caters for existing theatre productions, shearing, small bore, and indoor bowls it also supports conferences, business seminars, live bands, community fundraisers, fashion shows and is being designed to meet the requirements of NZ’s leading regional programmes. 

This building was set up to service the local community for decades to come and it is a proud achievement for the wider Calder Stewart team to have delivered this for the community. 



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