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Fisher & Paykel.

This 6,500m² facility offers multipurpose capabilities for the Christchurch based distribution centre. The signature steel structure holds 14m high precast panels and includes a notable showroom and maintenance section.







Our property team demonstrates a strong capability to deliver premier property solutions, along with Epoch Properties, who brought Fisher & Paykel to the table for a solution to meet their distribution needs. We provided end-to-end Design Build services and ensured project delivery, with the facility acting as a South Island distribution centre for the well-known appliance retailer.

The construction site was sourced from our Hornby Quadrant development section in Christchurch. The build was on-sold to Epoch Properties, who put together a long term lease agreement with the tenant. We then took Fisher & Paykel’s requirements, including specifications aligning with our international standards, to arrive at a final design solution.

One of these requirements was the choice of proprietary loading docks that were used in the project, imported from overseas. The 6,500m² facilities were designed to offer multipurpose capabilities and called for higher than normal stud heights to support racking requirements in future. Also included was a notable showroom for the firm’s innovative appliance product line and a maintenance and repair section as part of the construction programme. 

The majority of building supply was sourced from our various business units, including structural steel, precast concrete panels and steel reinforcing used in the project. The steel structure followed a signature approach, with the main truss spine running the length of the warehouse. Precast panels, some as tall as 14m, were also used in the facility’s wall sections. A post-tensioned floor was specified to meet the load-bearing requirements of the client, and clear-light sections were used in the structure’s roof. 

The Covid lockdown did affect project delivery, but once construction resumed, manpower was procured to meet the client’s expectations. The facility now acts as the key operations resource for Fisher & Paykel in the South Island. 


“Calder Stewart continues to demonstrate its artful capabilities of delivering premier warehousing solutions.” 

- Matt Petersen, Construction Manager



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