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Easy Big Trees.

Both office and warehouse, this multi-sectioned Design Build is contained within just 700m². The building flows between wood detailed, ornamental exterior and logically laid out warehouse space.







Easy Big Trees is a unique business, trading for more than 100 years and providing plant nursery stocks for a wide variety of trees across New Zealand. As the largest tree and shrub supplier in the South Island, the company stocks over 90,000 plants on 30 Southland acres. Its owner, Chris Harrison, is a repeat customer of ours, commissioning the unique new premise for his plant nursery operations in Makarewa, the heart of Southland. As the name suggests, Easy Big Trees offers mature trees for immediate delivery across the country, catering to institutional clients, as well as landscape and architectural designers. 

This Design Build project was unique for our design team, as we had a lot of input coming from the client throughout. The finished facility acts as both warehouse and modern office for Easy Big Trees, taking the shed concept to a new level. It includes stained wood detailing on the exterior, creating a residential, ornamental theme. 

The 500m² warehouse and the 200m² gable-roofed office make extensive use of dormer windows, adding a warm touch to the facility's overall look and feel. The office section, comprised of two levels, feeds off the side of the shed. Much attention was given to the office detailing, including a wagon wheel hung from the office's vaulted ceiling and intricate designs that encase the office's interior stairwell. By comparison, the warehouse is more logical in layout, with access and egress points adjacent to one another, offering an efficient workflow. 

Overall, the project showcases our versatile approach to shed design, featuring an architectural character in keeping with the client's design concepts. Importantly, it was well-received by Easy Big Trees, who take pride in their unique new premise.



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