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Beginning with a competitive tender, Calder Stewart was able to secure the right property opportunity for client Penske, with a build area of 3,500m².







As a turnkey lease property solution led and executed by our property team, the Penske project delivered the client's international transportation services to a new South Island hub in Christchurch. Part of Penske's unique requirements required our team to design and deliver to their exacting global brand standards. We took this opportunity to work closely on improving these standards with some of our local ingenuity, with many of these practicable changes adopted by the Penske team. 

Our relationship with Penske began with a competitive tender based on predetermined specifications, including build and site demands. From our strong Christchurch presence, we were able to offer solutions based on Penske's suppliers and operators, bringing our local knowledge to bear on Penske's international business model. This process led to a negotiation period during the scope and design phase, as we worked to find efficiencies and flows in the design, finding a good middle ground that saw the client satisfied. 

The other key element of the project was choosing between ownership and leasing options, evaluating the site costs of each. During this phase, we ran both options for the client based on an understanding of their unique business model. In the end, it was decided to rent, which proved fortuitous, as more land was needed, increasing the original boundary line.  

It soon became apparent that Penske faced some unique challenges in Christchurch for the actual build process. The cold winters made it uncomfortable and unsafe for their mechanics to service trucks. We were able to add to their specific designs a fully integrated, underfloor heating system for the workshop. Other additions included a high-profile, three street frontage displaying the trucks of Penske's clients, and a truck part and merchandise showroom. 

Overall, the project was on time and on budget, which meant success for everyone involved. Penske was satisfied with the entire process and the additional support we could offer for property location and design specifications, which was more involved than the support generally given by typical building companies. 



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