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Service Foods.

This 10,300m² facility allows for a 16-truck dock and duel-level food processing area. Also included are two 800m² refrigeration units and 3,600m² of dry storage.







Strategic planning and 'thinking outside the box' might best describe the business ethos of our client, Service Foods Ltd, headquartered in Auckland. The food service provider has made its mark in New Zealand, catering primarily to the hospitality industry by bringing premium, quality foods directly to restaurants, airlines and other specialty food outlets. 

Our role with Service Foods was to update their core business model, with an in-house distribution arm operating throughout the country. We were commissioned with the erection of a new food processing and distribution centre for their largest building to date, which would also serve as their new main office. 

The new 10,300m² facility took nearly two years of preplanning, with the initial plan drawn up by another contractor. We provided input along the way and forwarded design iterations to their management team, which helped cement the project's final scope. The draft terms themselves needed to meet several requirements, the first of which required aligning the design with a predetermined budget. Secondly, preferred subcontractors that Service Foods Ltd had previously worked with (particularly in the refrigeration industry) needed to be involved in the build. Lastly, contractual terms for meeting the target deadlines, to which all parties could agree, had to be put in place. 

Across all three points, our team met Service Foods Ltd's expectations. A partnership with Engenium, an engineering firm with which we've long had a relationship, was pivotal to designing and implementing the final solution. Our pricing and contract teams worked closely with Engenium to arrive at a workable solution that Service Foods Ltd accepted. Calder Stewart's own Adrian Mathieson was instrumental in bringing everything together as project sponsor. 

The facility itself is large by any standard, with the main building measuring 172m long by 60m wide. The layout includes 16 truck docks and a 3,520m², two-level food processing area. Complete with a mezzanine floor, the space can process a full spectrum of food types, from fish, beef, pork, poultry and lamb to a range of vegetables, fruit and other produce. Our team worked closely with the equipment vendors for this section during their installation, providing a suitable load-bearing solution in advance. 

The separate refrigeration area includes two massive chillers, measuring over 800m² each and a 14m tall, 1,784m² freezer with full height racking. At the other end of the complex, there's a 3,600m² dry store capable of storing a wide range of specialty food types. An environmental load-out area was included in the build to ensure food safety and all hygiene requirements were met. At the front of the facility stands a three-story, 1,500m² office, designed to a high architectural style and specification.



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