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Te Rapa Gateway.

With 2,550m² of build space, this Design Build is for a flexible range of potential clients. The entry point uses Euro-try wall cladding and the exterior is a reinforced concrete yard for heavy traffic.







This project was a spec build for Te Rapa Gateway, Hamilton’s prime industrial park. We led the project from concept to Design Build solution, drawing on our in-house capabilities to provide an end to end solution. 

With no tenants and no prior enquiry, this was a very bold but calculated move by Te Rapa Gateway. One question quickly arose; how do you design a building flexible enough to appeal to as many potential tenants as possible? 

We drew on our long history of designing and building premises for commercial and industrial businesses to get our process right. To provide a welcoming entry point and give the offices an architectural finish, we used Euro-tray wall cladding and powder coated commercial aluminium joinery on the front façade. The exterior is a concrete, reinforced yard surrounding the buildings to allow prospective, heavy traffic movement. Asphalt areas make up the reception and office car parks. 

Lots 19 and 20 of the Te Rapa Gateway development are made up of: 

     • 5,000m² of land 

     • A 2,550m² building footprint 

     • 2,180m² of warehouse area 

     • 465m² of office space 

9m under the portal knee, warehouses are divided by 165mm thick precast concrete fire-rated walls and 165mm thick precast panels surround the external walls.



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