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Majestic Church.

This Majestic Church expansion is a renovation, refurbishing several industrial buildings, with a 500 seat auditorium and communal meeting areas.







Proceeding from an initial contract agreement and spearheaded by Alan Stewart, this expansion for Christchurch’s Majestic Church developed into an open design competition, with Architects Sheppard & Rout forwarding the winning design. Although broadly accepted by the client, the Majestic Church was nonetheless more expensive than initially anticipated. 

With Calder Stewart’s guidance and input, nearly $5 million was trimmed off the project’s cost. The original architectural design, however, remained relatively intact. In effect, the project could be described as an industrial renovation, including extensive demolition along with a considerable amount of new construction work. The entire build was located on a city block bordered by Durham South, Walker, and Wilmer Streets, in an industrialised section of Christchurch’s CBD. 

Several existing industrial buildings on the block were refurbished to accommodate the new complex plans, including a large 500 seat auditorium, communal meeting spaces and designated youth outreach, supporting indoor sports areas. Work on these structures included seismic strengthening to meet newer earthquake standards. Other structures on the site were gutted, leaving only their frames in place allowing for a new and unique central courtyard area to be formed as a hub for the facility. 

Overall, the spatial design within the complex is notable, especially as one moves from the entrance, across the courtyard area and enters into the main hall itself. The 500m² hall is equipped with a large stage, including a 5m widescreen television and state-of-the-art sound system. At the other end of the hall is an unusual street-facing window, with a wall comprised of glass-reinforced concrete. Embedded within it a spectacular LED lighting array. Throughout the interior of the complex, extensive fit-outs took place under our direction, with some new off-street carparks to accommodate visitors. 

Once negotiated prices were agreed upon, the project was completed in just over 12 months. Today, the Majestic Church stands as a noteworthy and eye-catching landmark in Christchurch’s inner-city environs.



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