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This 4,150m² centre features a striking glass foyer and lift overlooking the facility. It also updates the original build with robust steel reinforcements and a large carpark.







Spotlight is well known in the crafts and homewares industry, with over 130 outlets in 4 countries across the Oceania region. The new flagship superstore, strategically built in Central Christchurch, represents the company's largest store to date within New Zealand. It boasts expanded ranges, especially in the home interior and home decorating product categories. 

Ultimately, the project was conceived as a two-level retail development complex, with Spotlight as an anchor tenant on the first floor and two additional tenants at ground level. Considerable planning went into the store, which was subject to 'design explorations' for nearly four years. During this time, Calder Stewart, acting in an ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) role, worked closely with the client. Their architectural design consultancy optimised design iterations, finding ways to contain costs by first analysing construction methodologies and then negotiating the best price. 

The completed facility (named the Harvey Norman Centre, at the corner of Durham Street and Moorhouse Avenue) is rather impressive in stature. It touts a 4,150m² site footprint and over 110 carparks, shared with the adjacent Harvey Norman outlet, which gives the centre its name. A vital feature of the facility's design was the striking glass foyer with an internal lift. It offers customers interior and exterior views as they ascend from the ground to level one. We supplied all the necessary steel for the foyer from its fabrication plant in Milton, including the stairway section, which we designed and built. 

Spotlight's premises on level one called for a suspended concrete slab floor. Typically, suspended slabs have stringent flatness requirements, as they're susceptible to movement and cracking. Our team took extra measures for a portion of the build to ensure success, utilising specialised formwork, robust steel reinforcement, and superior anti-shrinking concrete. As a result, the client's expectations for the floor, including its polished finish, were all met. 

Before construction began, the land used on the building site needed resolution, as it had both archaeological and environmental issues. Surgical excavation operations were required to safely remove archaeological items and dispose of pockets of contaminated soil. Once construction finally began, all deadlines were observed and met, with the facility opening up just before the holiday trading season. 

Like many of our other projects, we supplied all building materials from our in-house supply chain, including steel reinforcing, precast concrete panels, and structural steel. Spotlight's success has led to further negotiations with the client on a new project in Wellington.



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