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This two-storey Ashburton facility features cantilevered aluminium panels for a distinct modernist look. Also included are four service bays with an associated canopy section.







Hydraulink is well known for being a ‘kiwi original’ amongst machinery operators, in sectors such as agriculture, mining, forestry and transport. Hydraulink supplies vital products and services related to hydraulic requirements, over a wide range of industry-specific machinery types. It’s now grown into a multi-national company, since being founded in Aotearoa some 70 years ago. Today, the company services clients across New Zealand, Australia and other Oceania nations. 

Their latest project, located in Ashburton, is centred around the growing requirements of Hydraulink in Canterbury, with a primary focus on the rural sector. The new facility, located in the Ashburton Business Estate, just north of Ashburton proper, is both a relocation and an upgrade for the brand. The project was spearheaded by the client/developer, while the Woodham Group Ltd (with which Calder Stewart has enjoyed a longstanding relationship) were the ones to ultimately lease the facility directly to Hydraulink, as a tenant. 

Local architects Chilton + Mayne Architecture Ltd were brought into the initial phases of the project. A design was chosen, which underscored the Hydraulink brand with its imaginative use of materials. These included a cantilevered, aluminium composite panel scheme and painted, precast concrete panels, that together comprise the distinctive modernist look. The final two-storey office front faces out on JB Cullen Drive. 

At the back of the facility, which is separated by a freestanding concrete panel wall, is the workshop and parts inventory. This area includes 4 primary service bays, with large doors and an associated canopy section. Overall, it’s comprised of an ample 640m² of floor space and boasts high ceilings to accommodate next-generation farm tractor units. This tendered project well met the client’s satisfaction and secured us further work for the Woodham Group Ltd.



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