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Queenstown Hangar Partnership.

As one of two hangar builds for the Wallis family, this custom-designed Queenstown facility covers 1,300m², housing six helicopters and a 300m² luxurious foyer.







As part of a larger project to offer two commercial hangars for the Wallis family, this Queenstown facility goes beyond simple warehousing space. Bringing this build to life was a joint venture initiative, combining Alpine Helicopter’s Wanaka division with Trojan Holdings Ltd, in Queenstown, under the Queenstown Hangar Partnership. Trojan Holdings Ltd also owns Ultimate Hikes, specialising in hiking experiences in some of New Zealand’s remotest wilderness settings. 

Since both firms are in the tourism industry, the new hangar project was to add point-to-point air transport options for tourists visiting premium destinations. This plan includes air travel to the Milford Track for Ultimate Hikes and quick connections to Wanaka’s Minaret Station Lodge or other remote ‘heli-ski’ spots across the Southern Alps.

Located at Queenstown Airport, the custom-designed facility houses six helicopters, with a floor coverage of 1,000m2. It’s distinguished by a beautiful foyer featuring a stunning full-wall photographic mural, along with a luxurious waiting area for clients at the back, measuring 300m2. A custom-designed sliding door solution was also added for ease of access. 



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