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Ballantyne Road Retail.

This 2,180m² storefront strip mall houses a 7-unit facility for prospective clients, while precast concrete panels and Corten steel detailing add to the overall look and feel.







Wanaka’s Three Parks construction initiative, spearheaded by Willowridge Development Ltd, advances a long-range development strategy across multiple sectors. These include business, commercial and residential construction, all located on Ballantyne Road, on the large tract of land outside Wanaka proper. 

Calder Stewart was called in for a 2,180m² storefront strip mall build. This 7-unit facility is designed to be leased out to prospective tenants, with each unit measuring 100m in length, making extensive use of precast concrete panels. Additional Corten steel sections were used as exterior detailing, giving the mall a distinctive look and feel. Each unit also boasts high ceilings and dedicated loading and unloading areas at the back. 

One of the units currently acts as home to Willowridge Development Ltd, although they promise to outgrow the current premise as the scope of their regional development continues to grow. Calder Stewart is proud of its ongoing business relationship with entrepreneur Allan Dippie, founder and Managing Director of Willowridge Development Ltd, and look forward to working with Allan in future.



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