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Oceania Dairy.

Covering 26,775m², this project includes a massive milk processing dry store and blending/canning facility with six individual, post-tension concrete slabs.







Oceania Dairy is a large dairy exporter based in the dairying region of South Canterbury/North Otago. Their state-of-the-art plant at Glenavy is home to their milk powder facility, which dries 10 tonnes of powder per hour. At total capacity, the entire plant can process 300 million litres of milk per year, generating 47,000 tonnes of powder.

We’ve enjoyed a longstanding relationship with Oceania Dairy, successfully completing an office and lab project for them in the past. This trust paved the way for projects more ambitious in scope the Design Build of a dry store with a 3,600-tonne capacity and adjoining blending and canning facility.

The 26,000m2 dry store was only stage two, bringing this massive milk processing facility up to its intended production targets. This addition was an expansion to the existing plant, so careful attention was given to the scheduling to avoid any impact on ongoing operations.

The concrete floor alone called for six individual, post-tensioned concrete slabs, covering an impressive 26,775m2. The slabs were poured in succession on a tight time frame, with our concrete supply coming directly from an on-site mixing facility.

Running parallel to our flooring project was the 300m long flanking structure that houses the blending and canning facility. Safety and hygiene were a must here, as the design requires the highest hygiene standards for its infant milk powder production line.

We’re no stranger to large scale projects such as these. The Oceania Dairy build is an excellent example of our specialist capability in dry store construction and experience in scheduling construction. The result is an impressive facility that has met our client’s requirements, deadlines and budget.



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