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Vodafone Innov8.

Developed in conjunction with our property team, this 8,900m² build gives Vodafone a distinct, high-tech new commercial office whilst also providing space for other businesses and a car park.







Our property team helped secure an opportunity to work with Vodafone on a distinctive premise for the South Island. Our team collaborated with architectural firm Jasmax to design a commercial office recognisable as one of New Zealand's most technologically advanced workplaces. Situated in Christchurch's CBD, Vodafone's InnoV8 building is the keystone in Christchurch City Council's Vodafone Innovation Precinct rebuild plans.

Attention to quality detailing, including a challenging, full-height atrium clad in natural timbers. 21st-century wireless technology was carefully installed throughout the building, setting this project apart from others we've done.

Also included was the creation of additional office space to be made available to other business start-ups. The businesses would share state-of-the-art resources and infrastructure and a new head office design for retailer Kathmandu next door. An adjacent multi-level carpark lies within the city block on which the entire project is situated.

This project was a test of logistics, as CERA tried opening the Innovation precinct simultaneously on the same stretch of land. Which meant whilst the building was ongoing, the site our property sat on was going through the process of being properly subdivided.



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