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Real Journeys' Boat Shed.

Overlooking scenic views of the South Island, this specially designed, 15m tall boat shed allows for storage and maintenance areas and is equiped for heating during winter.







For over 50 years, Real Journeys have made it their mission to showcase some of New Zealand's finest scenery, ferrying locals, tourists and conservationists across our lakes, straits and sounds, from Queenstown to Stewart Island.

As the demand to see the South Island's breath-taking landscapes has increased, so has Real Journeys' offering. Having recently acquired a new boat to make trips to Stewart Island, it became clear that constructing a new boat shed in Bluff was necessary. This would not only service their fleet but allow them to attract contract storage and maintenance business from private owners and other operators.

The weather in Bluff was an aspect of this project that was dealt with from the outset, given that wind and horizontal rain are not uncommon to the area. Strict safety protocols around the use of scissor lifts and EWPs were key here, allowing the team to successfully roof a shed that stands well over 15m tall.

The new shed and workspaces also mean that Real Journeys' staff have heated offices and a canteen for the first time. Boilers, ventilation and underfloor heating units were installed throughout the shed, workshop and offices so that everyone could work comfortably year-round.

Previously, an external engineering workshop was set up inside a container. However, their new purpose-built shop and spray booth ensure that toxic and hazardous fumes are contained and correctly expelled. To further protect vessels and engineering staff during repair work, 1.75-tonne automatic roller doors were hung to keep wind and rain from interfering with work.

What's great about this investment is the opportunities that are now possible due to the new scale of Real Journeys' operation. With the room to offer maintenance to other boats, they're now able to secure additional contracts when their fleet is out on the water.


"Now, we can showcase to private owners that this is one of the best boat maintenance sheds going around."

- Murray Devery, Infrastructure Manager, Real Journeys' Boat Shed



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