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Calder Stewart Offices – Revolution Hills.

Our new headquarters in Milton, completed in 2009, updates our existing premise with state-of-the-art energy control, solar array, water reservoir and landscaping.







As part of our plans to modernise operations and expand our facilities, we upgraded our main office complex to a new location. The result was Revolution Hills in Milton, Otago.

Once the building programme for the facility was determined, we brought in award-winning architect Mason & Wales to implement the programme and finalise the design. Our partnership with the architectural firm runs back to several other office projects, so we knew they’d deliver in craft look and design.

The completed offices make use of an array of sustainable building and energy technologies, which are needed to work around our long-term company growth and resource consolidation framework. Spacious and well-appointed, Revolutions Hills is exemplary for its rural office design. It utilises state-of-the-art HVAC (Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) energy control, a hot water solar array on the roof, an on-site water reservoir and extensive landscaping.

Revolution Hills was awarded a 2011 Gold Medal by RMB (Registered Master Builders) for its design under the commercial office category.



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