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Vavasour Winery.

This expansion utilises concrete tilt panels and clearspun structural steel portal frames to deliver 1,500m² of facility space, designed for speciality plant equipment.







Internationally recognised Vavasour Wines, located in the Marlborough district, were aiming to expand their wine-producing capabilities and so decided to build another winery on their existing premises. We approached them with a Design Build proposal that met their criteria, winning the opportunity to work on this extension.

Since the project relied heavily on specialty plant equipment and designated subcontractors to oversee installation (e.g. high volume vats and other mission-critical environmental controls), we assumed a role as a team player throughout. All scheduling relied on common agreements between key specialty subcontractors and Vavasour.

Critical to the project’s success was the requirement that construction remained non-obtrusive, with zero interference regarding their ongoing wine producing operations. To this end, strong communication channels were opened between a rotating construction team and Vavasour management.

Concrete tilt panel construction, utilising clearspan structural steel portal frames, DHS purlins and insulated roof and wall panels were used in the build process. These materials allowed for maximum flexibility in the location and environmental control of the plant and tanks, as well as the overall run of operations.



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