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76-100 Moorhouse Ave.

At just 950m², this small site offers detailed, architectural, commercial office space for several clients needing rehousing after the earthquakes.







Developer Paul Kelly sought to create a commercial office space to meet the growing demand of businesses that needed rehousing after the 2011 earthquakes. With a strip of land along a significant Christchurch roadway under his name, Paul Kelly gathered together a team of local architects and got building consent. He then approached us to work as the construction company on the project.

To bring the build through to completion required us to observe courtesy and attention to detail due to the site's small footprint. In particular, we had to avoid interfering with existing tenants, so we chose appropriate cranes and other lift equipment to keep the site size down to a minimum.  

Previous to Moorhouse Ave, we'd partnered with Paul Kelly on a string of successive construction projects over several years. Each project was conceived as a mix of retail-office with car park space, located directly in front of the property. The design's success has led to a high level of tenancy in our office builds, adding to the profile of both ourselves and our client.



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