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Chep Dunedin.

Conforming to a unique land layout, this 1,750m² includes pallet servicing and storage bays, administrative offices and exterior storage areas for a pallet inventory.







We have a long-standing relationship with Port Otago’s property subsidiary, Chalmers Properties, who were contracted to help with this project. Together, we found a new location for client Chep New Zealand to house their Dunedin operations. At the same time, we were able to supply Port Otago with a custom Design Build solution, expanding their current base of operations.

Our proposal had to meet the client’s requirements and adhere to the unique size and shape of the construction site. A necessity was the inclusion of pallet servicing and storage bays, administrative offices and exterior storage areas for Chep’s pallet inventory.

The load-bearing capacity of the floors were also a crucial aspect of the project, so we consulted with geotechnical specialists and structural engineers to devise a raft floor slab scheme. The heavily reinforced structure of this design essentially ‘floats’ and was able to meet building requirements. Such consultations are typical of our service whenever we are not the experts in a given field.

An innovative solution was devised to allow for interior height restrictions, with the client needing to stack and store pallets. We worked closely with municipal safety authorities and settled on an innovative and novel approach, which called for installing a laser beam system that triggers alarms when critical heights are reached.

Like many of our other builds, this project taught us a lot about safety considerations, including numerous sizing issues. We continue to add to our knowledge base by working with such industry specialists whilst adding our own branded Design Build speciality to the mix.



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