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Fletcher Easysteel.

Our property team worked alongside Fletcher Easysteel to improve their site with a classic, practical design, including new storage and machinery facilities.







Fletcher Easysteel is the leading supplier of steel products to the New Zealand construction market and a client we've worked with previously. In particular, our property team has built a long and rewarding relationship with the Fletcher group of companies. On a site with numerous buildings and logistical challenges, the ending of their lease proved an excellent opportunity, with the client looking to invest in a fit-for-purpose facility long-term. 

Our collaborative partnership began after Fletcher issued a Request for Proposal in 2014, with our team designing a new factory and office premises. We met with the client to understand what they needed from this project and identified previously overlooked issues. 

Our work during this earlier period led to us winning the new contract, providing Fletcher Easysteel with a unique Design Build solution. It also helped us find new efficiencies in planning since we already knew the client, further streamlining their construction and operations.

The new building adheres to our classic, practical design mandate and takes advantage of our ability to control costs and meet target deadlines. Part of the strategy includes our in-house control of steel, cladding and precast panels, which we're often requested to produce on-demand.

The result means all products can be stored indoors, while product delivery, sorting and dispatching are far more accessible. Plasma steel cutting and press brake steel folding machinery were also fitted in the warehouse. 

Through a collaborative partnership with Fletcher Easysteel, we worked to provide a solution that not only improves their operation now but will add value in future.



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