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The Press Print.

Our property team led this open space facility to house a world-class printing press and raw material throughput, allowing Canterbury to continue printing news following the Christchurch earthquakes.







The Press, a Christchurch newspaper owned and operated by Fairfax Ltd, sought to build a new facility to house its world-class, rotary-web offset printing press. With The Press wanting to take advantage of one of our prime land locations outside the central business district, our property team offered them the land on Logistics Drive in Christchurch, suitable for their purposes.

The construction project required a massive open space to support the large press unit and proper access and egress areas to enhance productivity. The design also called for due consideration towards an efficient throughput of raw materials and finished print material. We called on our own precast capabilities in this instance to supply the concrete panels needed for the project’s unique construction.

Technical aspects of this project that are worth noting include oversized precast concrete panels, requiring casting on-site due to the challenges of conventional transport.

The finished facility, both spacious and highly practical, has served The Press well. The site was even used to support and house the company’s administrative branch when its downtown offices required evacuation in the 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Providing lasting structures such as this that stand up to the test under extreme conditions make us proud to be in the construction game. 



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