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Fonterra Lichfield Milk Powder Expansion.

Fonterra's milk processing and distribution centre is the largest globally, which we added to with several new foundations, workshops, offices and extensions.





Fonterra‘s Lichfield milk powder processing and distribution centre is the world’s largest, located right in the heart of Waikato. We were contracted to add several extensions to this massive project, including:

  • pipe bridge foundations
  • a service building
  • silo foundations
  • a secondary fire pump house
  • a tanker wash
  • a workshop
  • an administration extension
  • a distribution centre smoko and welfare facility building
  • and a cheese redline extension

The new service building supplies all of the site’s vital services to keep milk powder operations running smoothly, including room for compressed air, chilled water, HV electrical supply, demineralised water and cleaning chemicals. Additional features include PC panels, colour-steel roofing, aluminium joinery, and motorised roller doors. Internal and external gantries assist with lifting the half tonne of electrical motors and parts while outside sit two transformer bays, each housing a transformer, with supporting RMUs on each end.

The workshop facilitates ongoing repairs and maintenance and adds office space for managers and staff. A production storeroom was also required to store all parts and machinery. 

The building features a smaller electrical workshop room and machinery area, adding an additional room for testing. PC panels are situated around the oil storage and machine room, while structural support was included for the first floor to house the electrical test room, tool storeroom, and office.

ComFlor® trays were used to form the first-floor slab, whilst timber frames assist the load-bearing walls, contributing to the structural integrity of the office area. The envelope comprises colour-steel roofing, wall cladding with aluminium joinery and motorised roller doors.

As a complicated build procedure, we were happy to lend our expertise to the project, having some experience in milk powder facilities. The Lichfield centre continues to be Fonterra’s largest to date, with much national and offshore distribution.



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