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This 2,400m² site updates the original Komatsu premises with a modern office, generous footprint, and compartmentalised warehousing unit.







Komatsu, a global leader in heavy machinery, has been a business presence in New Zealand for more than half a century. Since outgrowing their original premises, a decision was made to construct a new facility that could better serve its South Island operations, particularly in the mining sector. A call was made for a turnkey property and build solution to situate Komatsu in the Christchurch area better. The new site needed to be strategically located near key transport corridors and provide ample room for showcasing their fleet. 

Before constructing the more recent Christchurch premises, we had enjoyed working with Komatsu on their original facility more than a decade earlier. On this second go-around, it was Calder Stewart's development acumen and property site sourcing that 'secured the deal' over our long-standing business relationship. We forwarded the new purpose-built facility to Komatsu on a customised lease package basis, winning out amongst a field of other competing developers. Our industry reputation and competitive price were determining factors in securing this deal. Another critical aspect was the project's location situated directly adjacent to the newly completed Southern Motor Highway extension in Christchurch. The considerable site footprint also proved beneficial, with ample room for showcasing the client's fleet.

The actual Design Build project took full advantage of all our building supply units. One of the project's particular specifications was to meet the load-bearing requirements of Komatsu's track vehicles, sometimes as heavy as 80-tonnes. As a result, both the yard and warehouse slabs were specified and comprised of fibre-reinforced concrete. The warehousing unit was split into four sections to service Komatsu's unique requirements. This included a cleaning room (for dust-free engine maintenance), a paint room (clad with PIR insulated panel), an 800m2 parts inventory section and finally and a service section comprised of four drive-through service bays equipped with two 10 tonne gantry service cranes. Finally, a two-storey 360m2 office section, clad in an attractive aluminium composite panel (designed to conform to the Komatsu brand), completes the facility's look.

The completed project is a blend of attractive office space and functional warehousing, with an extended area for heavy-duty vehicles. Meeting all the client's needs for location and build specifications has meant that this project has been another successful venture in our continued relationship with Komatsu.


"This purpose-built facility was forwarded to Komatsu as a customised lease package, winning out amongst a field of other competitors."

- Ben Lagan, Development Manager



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